Friday, February 19, 2010

Where has this been all my life?

I feel like my entire life I have been in pursuit of the perfect makeup. I'm sure there are millions of girls out there who would say the same thing. I go through phases where I feel like it's acceptable to spend $30 for good quality makeup, since in my world, makeup lasts a long time. But, then there are times where I just go to Target and buy my favorite Maybelline and Cover Girl standbys and even think twice about spending $8 a pop on those.

The one thing I have constantly struggled with is mascara. I have allergies and my eyes water quite a bit, so I always go for the waterproof stuff, which limits the selection. But, my biggest problems with mascara are the huge clumps and the fact that no matter how much eye makeup remover I use, I always seem to have black under my eyes in the morning. I even wipe the brush on a tissue to remove the excess goop before applying to my lashes. So, it boggles my mind.

Enter mascara perfection. My friend Laura over on introduced me to Blinc Kiss Me mascara. It is not super clumpy, which I love. It somehow creates these little tubes over my lashes and once they dry they stay put until you use warm water and a little bit of pressure to remove the tubes. Best part is no black in the morning!

If you are someone who needs a ton of volume, this mascara probably isn't for you. But, it does lengthen like crazy. I'm a fan for life.

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